About Pedigree Ovens

Pedigree Ovens and The Pound Bakery was opened in 1996 when the owner, Kurt Stricker, left his family bakery to begin a pet treat manufacturing business. Stricker started out with just one used machine that he purchased at an auction. The business was originally located in a 5,000 square foot facility in the former Bowman Dairy building on Jefferson Street in Harvard, IL.

As the business continued to grow, Pedigree Ovens moved to a 12,000 square foot facility on Diggins St. in Harvard, Illinois in 2001.

Pedigree Ovens later built a brand new facility in Harvard’s new Arrowhead Industrial Park in 2008. This building started out as a 10,000 square feet building and in August of  2011, a 40,000 square foot addition was added.

As the business continued to grow, Pedigree Ovens found that a new building and location was needed. In 2017, The Pound Bakery and Pedigree Ovens opened a brand new 212,000 sq. foot facility. This new facility provides several new capabilities including extrusion, dry-oven finished treats, dog and cat kibble, and cold extrusion treats. Take a video tour of this new facility in the video below.